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Teenage Marijuana Use: How to Keep Your Children Safe in a World That Normalizes Its Use

I want us to talk about teenage marijuana use and how to keep your children safe in a world that normalizes it’s use. Schools are on holidays and children are home. Many observant parents use this period in discovering unsettling truths about their teenagers from drugs, sexual activity or cultism…
Herpes: Ending the stigma and its impact on mental health by temple obike

Herpes Stigma and it’s impact on mental health.

This write-up on herpes, it’s spread both in Nigeria and globally happens to be something I decided to discuss owing to it’s prevalence. It’s spreading, has no cure and yet has not been given adequate attention. Having witnessed first-hand the negativity and life-drowning potential a positive herpes test result could…

Paranoia, Understanding this Anxiety Disorder

We get anxious about many things in everyday life. These worries in turn bring about a group of mental health concerns that are collectively called anxiety disorders. Some of these disorders are generalized anxiety disorders, panic disorders, specific phobias and social phobias. Depression happens to fall under this categorization. The…
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