Addiction Therapy Out-Center

Addiction Recovery (Out-Center)


ABOUT US: We are a drug, alcohol and deviant sex behavior treatment center which does not offer in-centre client admission. All addictions  are mental conditions that compel you to engage in activities despite their harmful effects on you. Temple’s Counsel is an out-center treatment center helping clients in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt. 

OUR REACH: The live practice covers primarily Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt and every state in-country that has an accessible airport. Our virtual services held via google meet or zoom post-pandemic have become our main focal points as a 73% spike in request was recorded prior to an initial 46%. We attend to clients from other African countries, Africans in diaspora and beyond weekly. Our therapy/counseling/coaching services have assisted individuals, couples and staff members of companies in our EAP programme recover from;

Addictions, Affairs, Anxiety/Mood/Personality/Trauma-related Disorders, Suicide, Esteem Concerns, Grief, Anger issues and Marriage concerns.


BASIC (Virtual)

N 230000 / 5 sess
5 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 5 Sessions (300 Minutes) via Google Meet
  • In-session Exercises
  • 5 Sessions


N 520000 / 6 sess
3 Live Sessions & 3 Virtual Session. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 6 Sessions(360 Minutes) Hybrid
  • In-session Exercises
  • Client Assessment


N 1000000 / 8 Sess
6 Live Sessions & 2 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 8 Sessions(480 Minutes) Hybrid
  • In-session Exercises
  • Client Assessment

When To Come In For Therapy

Getting to a point characterized by substance use or compulsive actions that continue despite harmful consequences is considered the point of addiction.

For a long time, addiction meant an uncontrollable habit of using alcohol or other drugs. More recently, the concept of addiction has expanded to include behaviors, such as gambling, as well as substances, and even ordinary and necessary activities, such as exercise and eating.

How to get Help?

Begin Today

The State of things across the world and in Africa has introduced the element of stress into our everyday lives. When stress gets introduced, various forms of addiction become avenues and release points in our lives. Addiction to drugs, work, alcohol or sex are coping mechanisms that have been developed by many individuals. The number of individuals struggling with drug addiction and stress-related addictions has soared. While some of them have decided to get the required help, many are living with these addictions while working, schooling, living their daily life or even parenting.

At TCMA, we know that every individual differs when it comes to resilience and mental strength so we watch out for relapse signals in our clients and then follow-up with post-counseling signals. As a a drug, alcohol and deviant sex behavior treatment center, we are always open to working with hospitals with in-patient centers.

Call +2348109055475 and speak to any of our office staff to learn more or schedule an appointment.

The Benefits of Addiction Therapy

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