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Ask Questions With Us

If you have any questions please contact us we will answer your questions via email as
quickly as possible.

Price Related Questions

1. How is the cost for counseling work calculated?

Ours is a session based service. 

2. How do I register for your events and online courses?

For courses which we aren’t publicly promoting, simply send us an email and we would send you a registration link or event information. 

For courses which we are promoting online, click the event link and fill the form or you could reach us via the contact form.

3. What is the cost of your addiction therapy?

Send an email to or call Mrs Jade on +2348109055475 to get all the relevant information.

4. What are your payment options?

We accept bank transfers,  WU Money transfers for International Clients or Cryptocurrency equivalents for our more IT-forward crowd.

Other Service Related Info

1. Does your program provide licensing in related fields?

Yes we do.

2.Do you accept interns for at your center?

We do accept interns but stopped due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We intend to begin again from January 2022

3. Can I do a research thesis?

The M.Ed. is predominantly a practice-based degree with the goal of helping you to become a licensed professional counselor. Our past experience has been that the requirements of CMHC licensure are not compatible with the master’s thesis. Given that the master’s thesis is not required to become a licensed professional counselor, this option does not currently exist in this degree track.

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