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There is an age old battle between good and evil. A fight with no middle grounds meaning that we all at some point must choose a side. Over the years, the battleground kept changing and today the media has become the strongest battle ground. At Temples Counsel, we do not pretend to be unaware of this ongoing battle and do not take lightly any opportunity to feature on media platforms. This is simply because our life's and corporate mission are directly linked to the amount of impact made.

Beyond the visibility media features provide is a more pressing need to salvage a people, a nation and the world. One man at a time. We are grateful for all partners who have availed their platform towards spreading positivity, hope and values. It is not an easy feat in the world we live in today but know this.

You are a key player in the recruitment process for good.
The humbling features we've enjoyed


We have been featured on some media platforms. Listen to some of the engaging conversations we've had on TV.
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Enjoy the weekly podcasts recorded and made available on the Needle Eye Series..
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Radio is an amazing channel for propagating and imparting ideas. Especially in a world where there is an agenda to drown out morals.

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