Pre-marital Counseling and Training

Pre-marital Counseling and Training (+ Certification)

Premarital counseling and training in Lagos, abuja, port harcourt and Nigeria by TCM Aademy

Statistically, half of all divorces will occur within the first 7 years of marriage, premarital counseling is a no-brainer in today’s world.”

Our Pre-Marriage Camp is for couples who are about to get married and for those who are already engaged.

Are you looking at giving your marriage the best possible start? Have you been married before or simply want to do this because you missed the step at the onset? This is also for you.

Our course is designed for all couples with or without a faith background. 

Should We Marry or Not?

Friends said, “If you vibe with them, then it’s all good” Your parents say, “The key is to marry someone from a good home. Your spiritual leader also said “Make sure your faith needs align”.

Whether it’s a first marriage or remarriage. They are all correct! The only problem is, going with their advice is going to leave you stranded at some point. Our Intensive Premarital counseling and Training class will deep dive into the real conversations using exercises and practicalized scenarios. Should you make a mistake after training with us, it would be more from a personal lapse rather than an unawareness. 

Here are a few of our topics treated

  1. Building Amazing Love Maps
  2. Developing Good Communication Skills (Listening without trying to advice or solve a problem, onboarding empathy, communicating your feelings)
  3. Creating Rituals for Connection

        + 6 other modules


Our Engagement Process

Call +2348109055475 and speak to any of our office staff to book.

The Benefits of Getting Trained before Marriage


N 50000 / 3 sess
3 Virtual Sessions Combined and discounted
  • 3 Sessions (180 Minutes)


N 110000 / 8 Sess
8 Virtual Sessions Combined and Discounted. 2hours/week
  • 1 Month


N 200000 / 10 Sess
10 Sessions Combined and Discounted. 2 sessions are live and 8 are Virtual.
  • 2 Months

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