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My name is Temple Obike. I am first a husband and a father to 4 amazing kids. I'm also a certified Marriage and Family Therapist, a psychotherapist, a trained trauma resolution specialist, newbie author and speaker with 12 years in-field experience.

Lots of professional therapists and counselors were blessed to begin their practice on a very excitable note. Mine unfortunately began in a painfully dark place. At a time when abuse, depression, addictions and more had little or no voices speaking against them. I taught myself to fight and WIN against these negatives everytime.

My primary life's work is now dedicated to reversing the effects of negative everyday habits, vices, emotions and their effect on individuals, families, marriages and the nation at large beginning with a one life at a time model.

We are ALWAYS humbled at the fact that we are adding our quota of value to humanity from the simple everyday things and believe that this journey wouldn't be all that without YOU. Thank you for coming on this journey with us.
Temple Obike is a marriage counselor, psychotherapist and trainer helping rebuild marriages and lives across Nigeria and Africa

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