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I am Temple Obike, a certified Marriage and Family Therapist, psychotherapist, and trained trauma resolution specialist, with a decade-plus professional background. Alongside these roles, I am a passionate speaker and an emerging author. My enthusiasm for my responsibilities as a husband to a supportive partner and a father to four wonderful children grows with each passing year.
Above all, my commitment to my Christian faith remains an integral part of my identity."

"Unlike many professionals in the field, my journey as a therapist didn't commence on an exuberant note, but rather, from a place overshadowed by the darkness of abuse, depression, and unspoken addictions nearly two decades ago. Overcoming these adversities became my personal victory, fueling a lifelong dedication to addressing and reversing the impact of detrimental habits and emotions on individuals, families, and the wider community.

Through continuous education, coaching, and multiple certifications, my work now centers on mitigating the effects of these negative influences, one life at a time. By advocating for healthier habits and emotional well-being, I aim to positively impact individuals, families, marriages, and society as a whole.

Every contribution, no matter how small, contributes to the collective value we bring to humanity. This journey toward healing and growth would be incomplete without the invaluable support of individuals like you. Thank you for joining us on this path."
Temple Obike is a marriage counselor, psychotherapist and trainer helping rebuild marriages and lives across Nigeria and Africa

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