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Our goal is to provide customers with the best service and equip our clients
with enough skills to overcome personal challenges
TCM Academy

Mind Academy

TCM Academy is a technology enabled, learner-centered, self- or small group- paced educational system that enables parents to.
Premarital counseling class and training at Temples counsel and mind academy Nigeria.

Premarital Counseling and Training

This course was created through our passion of seeing couples be more prepared for marriage than their peers..
life marriage and family counseling services at temple's counsel

Life, Marriage, Family Therapy & Counseling

Life, Marriage, Family Therapy & Counseling at Temple's counsel and psychotherapy center is an experiential and immersive session.

Substance, Gambling and Sex Addiction Treatment

We are a drug, alcohol and deviant sex behavior treatment center which does not offer in-centre client admission..

Employee Assistance Programme

Our EAP (employee assistance programme) in Nigeria and across Africa is an employee benefit programme that has been.
Keynote speaker and trainer Temple Obike

Coaching & Training

We offer coaching and training services. Our trained Counselors and coaches are speaking, training and presentation experts with.

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beyond making profit is a quest for people

Pricing Table

This is a practice borne out of a genuine need to help
while money keeps the wheels of service turning, Passion keeps our impact bright and alive


3 Sessions (180 minute)
  • Consulted by an expert
  • Provide the optimal treatment plan
  • Virtual
  • Counseling or Therapy


3 Sessions (180 Minutes)
  • Consulted by an expert
  • Provide the optimal treatment plan
  • Hybrid
  • 2 Live & 1 follow-up Virtual Session combined
  • Counseling or Therapy

Extended Therapy

1, 3 or 6 month Plans
  • Consulted by an expert
  • Provide the optimal treatment plan
  • Hybrid
  • For addiction, personal or business coaching
  • Contains a Minimum of 7 Sessions
  • Highly Discounted & Impactful

Note: Term and conditions apply to our service offerings.

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