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We believe that while the mental health professionals aim to rehabilitate and assist the the gen Y’s and Z’s who have become more predisposed to mental health illness, there is a new generation that can be positively molded and pre-equipped with a lot of mental resilience.


For the Gen Z and Y, this comes with factors beyond their control. Work has become a remote, an economic downturn is looming and they just navigated the scariest pandemic yet. 
There is an urgent need for a new and engaging approach to mental health training for teachers and tertiary sector workers who work closely with the younger African generation. In response to this need, TCM Academy was developed with quality online mental health training for teachers and residential colleges, made by educators for educators.


The passionate founder and visionary team have a strong track record as educators and have worked across both education and health sectors. Their depth of knowledge and experience lends itself to delivering value via the “Mind Academy” portal targeted at key learning outcomes through the use of real-life scenarios, providing learners with an engaging and effective learning experience.

Mainstream school does not suit everybody. Often what are supposed to be “the best years of your life” are at best less than expected, and at worst a fairly negative experience that leaves long lasting scars.

Too often children are schooled in an environment that works against them. Instead of the child being at the centre of their education, they have to fit into what is best for the school or the group. Class sizes are growing larger, and it is not uncommon to see classes of 35 plus children, being taught by a teacher with the support of a teaching assistant. The actual 1 to 1 time with the teacher is therefore limited.


Our PACE System

The Mind Academy endeavours to change this, and we have developed the PACE system, Person Centred Appropriate Creative Engagement. Children learn in classes of no more than 2 students, and the teacher has ample time to devote 1 to 1 attention to the child.

Timetables are designed around the child, which means that we work closely with the child and parents to ensure that their learning experience is rewarding and nurturing, appropriate to their needs. The child is encouraged to take an active role, deepening their interest and developing their ideas so that success is built upon success. Confidence grows, and learning becomes pleasurable.

Our Engagement Process

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