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welcome to Temple's Counsel

We Are serving psychotherapists and counselors

Along with the development of social life, people today encounter many strange and difficult conditions.

With Mental and Emotional health conditions now becoming major health concerns, Temple’s Counsel & Mind Academy established a psychotherapy and counseling center designed to provide psychotherapy, counseling and a varied range of support with relevant partnerships in place to improve client care.

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Temple Obike

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why choose us

We are first servants to our purpose and practice

Our goal is to help our client become the best version of themselves even as we gradually get them to a mind state where they can empower others.


Affordability And Quality

With us you don't have to break the bank for mental health services but you still get quality service.

Professional Team

Our team is experienced, they are trained to listen to you with their entire being and not just their ears.

Years Of Experience

With more than 35 years in cumulatively, our experience with mental, emotional and physical health is to be trusted.

Dedicated Support

Regardless of the channel, our support experience remains the same.

our history

Every practice has it's story. Here's ours.

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Today Today

Our journey towards becoming a trusted community center for mental and emotional health needs began with one boys struggle with depression, abuse and consistent self-harm.

Not all company stories begin from a CAC point. Ours dates further back to a place of darkness and pain. a time when the mental and emotional health support we see in our present day was almost non-existent.

While in the university, our lead counsel had constantly struggled with a lot of negativity. His search for a solution brought him to an online platform where support was provided for teenagers.

The grassroots and shoots initiative was an NGO under the Jane Goodall Foundation. 

He joined the Grassroots and Shoots initiative as the project coordinator on campus. Projects were targetted towards  advising youth groups in poverty-ravaged neighborhoods ridden by teenage drug & sex abuse.


The initial trainings on trauma resolution, gender bias eradication, growing compassionate leaders and more received during international conventions were the first trainings that provided the empowerment and knowledge base required to thrive in the field.

In 2017, our lead counsel got his first counseling certification and this began the journey towards setting up the "Temple's Counsel & Psychotherapy Center".

We are gradually becoming a trusted community, relationship, marriage, addiction recovery and psychotherapy center in the country.

Understanding that this journey is not one to be embarked on alone if the client is to receive quality 360 degree assistance, we have opened up our practice to more professionals to include psychiatrists, dieticians, Guidance experts, medical doctors, legal professionals and so much more.

We are excited to be on this journey and knowing we have you at our side makes it all the merrier.

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Click the links to see reviews from our Lagos & Abuja practice. These are people who found us online, were referred by our clients, friends, colleagues and loved ones. There should be someone who their story might resonate with yours.

It’s your first step on the healing journey and we would love to be your Guide! To begin, call us on +2348109055475 (Mrs. Jade)

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