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The psychology of color in mental health written by Temple Obike.

The Impact of Color Psychology on Mental Health: A Spectrum of Emotions

Color is all around us, a constant part of our daily lives. Yet, it’s more than just a visual experience—it can have a profound impact on our emotions, behaviors, and even our mental health. Let’s explore the fascinating realm of color psychology and delve into how different colors can influence…
how to grieve properly by temple obike

Discussing Grief & How to Grieve Properly on the Kambili Show (BOSS FM 95.5 INTERVIEW)

It was a sad episode as our Lead Counsel, Temple Obike discussed Grief and how to grieve properly on The Kambili’s Show. The two co-hosts had just lost close family members and it wasn’t just the easiest interview but there was still a lot to learn about grief. The show…
Pitfalls of infidelity. An FRCN radio interview.

Discussing Infidelity and it’s Pitfalls on Radio Nigeria Abuja

Our Lead Counsel, Temple Obike discussed the topic “Infidelity and It’s Pitfalls  on Radio Nigeria’s “Family Circle”. The show was hosted by Mrs Okoli Kristy. The Feedback was amazing with questions pouring in via calls and texts from couples who had been affected by infidelity. The show has over a…
Light's On. Facing the real issues.

Light’s On: Batch #3, addressing the real issues

“Light’s On: Addressing real issues” is an online seminar dedicated to married and intending couples. Marriages & Relationships FAIL because we are not asking the right questions or connecting with the RIGHT emotions. Take a 4-day session that would POSITIVELY change it ALL. You are invited to be part of…
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Loss of Family Values, Glamorizing Illicit Wealth & Societal Decline (Interview by NTA Network Abuja)

The Nigerian Television Authority (NTA), Abuja had Temple Obike, a Life, Marriage and Family Therapist speak about the loss of family values, glamorizing illicit wealth and societal decline currently plaguing our society. Below are the excerpts written out from the full interview. Introduction: Could you introduce yourself to us Temple.…
Discussing Puberty and What to Expect with Dr Rahmat .M (Radio Interview)

Discussing Puberty and What to Expect with Dr Rahmat .M (Radio Interview)

I had an very pertinent radio interview tagged “Discussing puberty and what to expect”. This discussion with Doctor Rahmat.M was timely as we discovered via research feedback conducted in-house that many parents were not particularly well equipped to handle the onset of puberty in their children. This enabled me properly…
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