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Affairs and how to recover from Them. The Secrecy is Quietly Draining You

Affairs and how to recover from it A sexual relationship with a person(s) who isn’t your spouse is Adultery. This relationship could be emotional or not. An emotional affair with anyone who isn’t your spouse is also adultery in a more concealed form. This happens when a person turns to…
Herpes: Ending the stigma and its impact on mental health by temple obike

Herpes Stigma and it’s impact on mental health.

This write-up on herpes, it’s spread both in Nigeria and globally happens to be something I decided to discuss owing to it’s prevalence. It’s spreading, has no cure and yet has not been given adequate attention. Having witnessed first-hand the negativity and life-drowning potential a positive herpes test result could…
Understanding Narcissism

Identifying Narcissism: Getting Help (Part 2 of 2) FREE PERSONALITY TEST INCLUDED

It’s become quite fashionable for partners to make accusations of narcissism against their spouse.  After a few years of speaking to clients from all works of life, it’s become quite obvious to me that we all possess narcissistic tendencies. These accusations are often defense mechanisms created to absolve the accuser…
9 Strong Confirmations You're Having an Emotional Affair — And What to Do About It

9 Strong Confirmations You’re Having an Emotional Affair — And What to Do About It

9 Strong Confirmations You’re Having an Emotional Affair — And What to Do About It is today’s topic. An emotional affair is one of the subtlest affair types you could ever find yourself embroiled in. I see many men and women week in and out sit across and narrate how…

Paranoia, Understanding this Anxiety Disorder

We get anxious about many things in everyday life. These worries in turn bring about a group of mental health concerns that are collectively called anxiety disorders. Some of these disorders are generalized anxiety disorders, panic disorders, specific phobias and social phobias. Depression happens to fall under this categorization. The…
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