What type of therapist is best for marriage counseling

what type of therapist is best for marriage counseling


What type of therapist is best for marriage counseling ? A question many are starting to ask. Marriage, a union celebrated across diverse cultures in Nigeria, encounters its unique set of challenges. Choosing the right therapist for marriage counseling is a pivotal decision for couples seeking to strengthen their bonds and overcome obstacles. This article delves into the types of therapists best suited for marriage counseling in the Nigerian context, offering insights tailored to the intricacies of Nigerian relationships.

Section 1: The Role of Marriage Counseling in Nigeria: Marriage counseling holds significant importance in Nigeria, where the fabric of society is tightly woven with familial and cultural ties. It serves as a transformative tool for couples navigating the complexities of relationships, offering a space to foster communication, resolve conflicts, and build enduring connections deeply rooted in Nigerian cultural contexts.

Section 2: Types of Therapists for Marriage Counseling in Nigeria

2.1. Licensed Marriage and Family Therapists (LMFTs):

  • LMFTs like TCM Academy specialize in relationships and family dynamics. For Nigerian couples, seeking an LMFT with a cultural understanding is paramount. These therapists can navigate issues within the context of Nigerian family structures and cultural expectations.

2.2. Couples Therapists:

  • Focused specifically on couples, these therapists address challenges such as communication breakdown and conflict resolution. For Nigerian couples, finding a therapist attuned to the cultural nuances of relationships is crucial for effective counseling.

2.3. Cultural and Religious Counselors:

  • Given the significance of culture and religion in Nigeria, therapists with a background in cultural and religious counseling can provide insights tailored to specific beliefs and practices. This ensures that counseling aligns with the couple’s cultural and spiritual values.

2.4. Sex Therapists:

  • Addressing intimate aspects of relationships, sex therapists can assist Nigerian couples facing challenges in this area. It’s essential to find a sex therapist who can approach these topics with cultural sensitivity.

2.5. Holistic Life Coaches:

  • Life coaches with a focus on relationships can offer practical guidance for Nigerian couples, helping them set and achieve goals for personal and marital growth. This holistic approach integrates cultural considerations into the counseling process.

Section 3: Tailoring Approaches to Nigerian Context

3.1. Understanding Cultural Nuances:

  • A therapist well-versed in Nigerian culture can navigate familial expectations, traditions, and societal pressures affecting marriages. Understanding the significance of extended family dynamics and communal relationships is crucial for effective counseling.

3.2. Respecting Religious Diversity:

  • Nigeria boasts religious diversity, and therapists must respect and understand various faiths. Integrating religious values into counseling can be beneficial for couples seeking guidance in alignment with their spiritual beliefs.

Section 4: The Importance of Accessibility In Nigeria, where geographical distances can pose challenges, accessibility to therapy services is crucial. Therapists who offer flexible scheduling, online sessions, or have offices in various regions ensure that couples from all parts of the country can access the support they need.

Section 5: Personalized and Inclusive Approaches The best therapist for marriage counseling in Nigeria embraces a personalized and inclusive approach. Recognizing the uniqueness of each couple’s challenges and tailoring therapeutic strategies accordingly fosters a more effective and culturally sensitive counseling experience. A therapist who respects individual differences and cultural nuances ensures that counseling is inclusive and relevant to the diverse landscape of Nigerian relationships.


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Other factors to consider when choosing a marriage counselor

There are several factors to consider when choosing a marriage counselor, including the counselors training and qualifications, their experience working with couples, the type of marriage counseling they provide, the logistics of working with them, and the goodness of fit between you and the therapist.

  • Training and Qualifications: Regardless of which type of therapist you pick, make sure they have specific training and experience working with couples and that they are a licensed therapist in your state.
  • Experience: All of the above license types have several years of student internships and pre-licensure practice. The benefit of working with someone who is pre-licensed and under supervision is that their rates are often reduced for counseling. At the same time, they have less experience providing the marriage counseling. Ideally you would work with someone who has several years of experience providing marriage counseling along with a proven track record of success at helping couples repair their marriages.
  • Type of Marriage Counseling: There are several types of marriage counseling, and each one works on slightly different things. The marriage counsellor should have the type of therapy they provide listed on their website, and if they don’t they should at least be able to tell you what it is over the phone. You might want to look up to see if they are certified in the type of therapy they are providing and how effective their approach is for helping couples improve relationships. While all marriage counseling types can be helpful, currently there is only one evinced treatment for couples and it is called Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) (Learn more about how EFT works here .
  • Logistics: The logistics of working with a marriage counselor need to work for both you and your partner. This may include things such as frequency of sessions, cost of sessions, and the times the therapist has available to work with you. This information may be listed on the website or you can find out by contacting the marriage counselor.
  • Goodness of Fit: I always recommend that everyone complete a consult with a therapist before starting to work with them. Whether or not you click well with the person can account for up to one-third of how successful therapy is. Because of this, both you and your spouse need to feel like it is a good fit to work with the marriage counselor. Both of you need to feel comfortable and get a sense that the therapist will be neutral, non-judgemental, and supportive.

The best type of therapist for marriage counseling

Ultimately the best type of therapist for marriage counseling will depend on each couples specific needs. Personally, I would encourage people to work with someone who is Certified in Emotionally Focused Couples Therapy or who is a Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist (LMFT). If they are both, then that would be ideal. EFT couples therapists and LMFTs will likely be the most helpful for relationship concerns such as communication, rebuilding trust, and recovering from infidelity.

However, there are times that another therapist may also be a good fit. For example, if there are a severe mental health diagnoses (such as bipolar disorder, personality disorders, or schizophrenia, etc.), then  working with a psychologist or psychiatrist could be really helpful. If your family is navigating social services such as foster care or adoptions, then working with a clinical social worker or professional counselor may be helpful.

Whoever you choose, make sure to put some time and effort into choosing the best type of marriage counselor for you. You will want to look into their training, qualifications, and experience, as well as meet with them to make sure both you and your partner feel like they are a good fit. By taking the time to make sure it’s the best marriage counselor for you, you will save your self time and likely help your relationship improve at a faster rate.

Looking to start marriage counseling?

​We provide online Emotionally Focused Couples Counseling, as well as weekend-long Marriage Intensives, throughout Nigeria and also in Ghana and South Africa.

Conclusion: In the rich tapestry of Nigerian marriages, finding the right therapist is a pivotal step towards building enduring relationships. Whether it’s an LMFT, a couples therapist, or a cultural counselor, the key lies in selecting a professional attuned to the cultural and familial intricacies that make each Nigerian marriage unique. By choosing a therapist with a deep understanding of the local context, couples can embark on a journey of growth, understanding, and lasting love, fortified by the wisdom and cultural sensitivity of a well-chosen marriage counselor.

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