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Emotional abuse, how to identify and end it written by Temple Obike

Emotional Abuse: The Silent Killer – Identification and Intervention

Emotional abuse, often overlooked and underestimated, is a silent killer of self-esteem, mental well-being, and personal relationships. Unlike physical abuse, the scars of emotional abuse are hidden beneath the surface, leaving victims in a state of perpetual distress. On this write-up i will take you on a quick journey into…
Herpes: Ending the stigma and its impact on mental health by temple obike

Herpes Stigma and it’s impact on mental health.

This write-up on herpes, it’s spread both in Nigeria and globally happens to be something I decided to discuss owing to it’s prevalence. It’s spreading, has no cure and yet has not been given adequate attention. Having witnessed first-hand the negativity and life-drowning potential a positive herpes test result could…
How to stop extramarital workplace office affairs by temple obike

Workplace Extramarital Affair Advice: Please Help

Workplace affairs may be easy to begin but it is a whirlwind of concerns that blows you no good. The dark, exciting and destructive world of workplace affairs Extramarital office affairs are actually more rampant than you think. With all the recent emergence of sexual misconduct in various professions, i…
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