Herpes and it’s impact on mental health.(2/3 of Individuals under 50 have it)

If there was a time in human-kinds history to avoid hooking up with random sexual partners from dating apps, kissing just anyone, having extra-marital affairs or go down/head up in unverified spots, it’s now – Temple Obike
Below is an excerpt from a WHO report;
A 2015 World Health Organization report mentioned that more than 3.7 billion people under 50 have the highly-infectious and incurable herpes virus that causes sores around the mouth and sometimes on the genitals.There are two forms of the herpes virus and both are most often transmitted without symptoms, but for those stuck with the lifelong infection, painful and embarrassing sores can be recurring.Two thirds of the global population under the age of 50 are infected with the herpes simplex virus type 1 (HSV-1), which tends to cause cold sores.HSV-1 mainly causes cold soars and blisters around the mouth, as opposed to HSV-2, which is almost entirely sexually transmitted and causes genital herpes.


2022 and Now;


There has been a significant increase in the number of men (and women) patronizing escort sites or having multiple sexual partners. This has by far worsened the spread of this silent yet deadly infection. Infact, asides from HIV/AIDS, the discovery of Herpes has been the second STI that has necessitated many clients opting in for health therapy.


Symptoms of Genital Herpes

The appearance of blisters is known as an outbreak. On average, a first outbreak will appear 4 days after contracting the virus, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). However, it can take as little as 2 days, or as much as 12 days or more, to appear.

General symptoms for men include blisters on the:

– penis

– scrotum

– buttocks (near or around the anus)

General symptoms for women include blisters around or near the:

– vagina

– anus

– buttocks

General symptoms for anyone include the following:

-Blisters may appear in the mouth and on the lips, face, and anywhere else that came into contact with areas of infection.

-The area that has contracted the condition often starts to itch, or tingle, before blisters actually appear.

-The blisters may become ulcerated (open sores) and ooze fluid.

– A crust may appear over the sores within a week of the outbreak.

-The lymph glands may become swollen. Lymph glands fight infection and inflammation in the body.

-The viral infection may cause headaches, body aches, and fever.


The Facts

Research has shown that 1 in every 4 individuals has HSV-1 or HSV-2 contacted through exchange of bodily fluids, unprotected sex, kissing or skin to skin contact. This simply means that it’s a 7 out of 10 chance at infection.

* 1 married individual having an affair with 1 person has a 2 out of 4 chance of contracting HSV 1 or 2

* 1 single individual sexually active with 1 person has a 2 out of 4 chance of contracting HSV 1 or 2

* 1 married individual having an affair with 1 person with multiple sexual partners has a 3 out of 4 chance contracting HSV 1 or 2

* 1 single individual sexually active with multiple sexual partners if fully exposed to contracting HSV 1 or 2.

On a closing note, I see the impact this has on families daily. It’s effect on the state of mental health and intimacy in marriages or between couples.

Hook-ups, multiple sex partners, affairs etc are all contributing negatively to the spread of this infection. A more disciplined approach to life and living could become the first real solution to curbing this silent problem.

Written by Obike Temple.
Temple Obike is a licensed marriage and family therapist, speaker, author and psychotherapist who has counseled over two thousand clients comprising of couples, individuals, abuse victims (substance, physical, emotional and sexual) and grief-stricken clients. With over 100,000 in-counseling minutes (1,000+ hours) accrued in practice. He runs his private psychotherapy & counseling practice out of Lagos, Nigeria and has counseling centers in Abuja and Port-Harcourt. His practice also provides options for both online and on-site services. His private practice has positively empowered lives through his online counseling, podcasts, Employee Assistance Programmes, Trainings, free advisory services and free online materials.  Readership of his articles also receive a growing number of visitors alongside subscriptions to his email newsletter at templescounsel.com. His passion for empowering and uncovering the secrets to lifelong marriages and personal development led to his new book titled “Soul Bodega” available on amazon and across other online and traditional stores.Never give up on yourself! You are a journey happening through various destinations.Follow us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and visit our website for more info!


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