Our Services at Temple’s Counsel

Over the past decade, saving lives seemed a noble ideal to aspire towards but it is never enough. Beyond saving a life must be the passion to empower these people emotionally to stand the test, relapse (in some cases yes) and overcome associated trauma.


I discovered a while back that on this path i chose, you can’t really go far, if money is at the core of your practice. Emotional currency is what helps you stand the test and help clients regardless of tribe, colour or religion.


We offer the following services at Temple’s Counsel and keep learning at every opportunity.

A) Life, Marriage & Family Therapy

B) Employee Assistance Programmes

C) Keynote Speaking & Training

D) Drug, Alcohol & Addiction Treatment

E) Deprogramming & Exit Therapy

These left permanent smiles

Case Studies

Stay Safe, We Will Get Through This Together…

Are you experiencing personal difficulties? If your emotional & mental health, relationships, career and any other area of your life could use a transformation then we can help you! We offer the confidential support and tools you need to thrive. Our team will help you find a positive & healthy head-space and life.

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