Overcoming Abuse & Negative Social Media Validation

Overcoming Abuse & Negative Social Media Validation

Summary Of The Case Studies

Client was being sexually abused by aunties, uncles and neighbors at age 9. She reported this but no one believed her. The only person who believed her mentioned that in return for helping her sort it out, she was going to promise her that she would never speak of those incidents. She then noticed that the uncles and some neighbors were then paying other girls to have sex with them. This made her feel bad so she decided to look for someone who would pay her for sex.  This was the beginning of an 18 year journey of prostitution and being an escort.

She felt abandoned and dissapointed with herself as the years progressed. After her NYSC, she began dating men in exchange for money and then it took over her life. A social media profile was set up under a false name to lure in wealthy clients who would pay her to come to their location for sex. She started off by using fake pictures but after a while began covering her face to take nudes. After being beaten a number of times, she registered as an online video camgirl and began to make money both locally and internationally. shortly afterwards she began to use alcohol and drugs – including slimming pills, cannabis and crack cocaine – to fill the painful void. 

Daily Encountered Feelings

Some of the symptoms i struggled with were:

Therapies For This Case

Expert In This Case:

psychotherapy counseling addiction nigeria

Ayeni Bridget

Psychologist & Therapist

Expert said: Sex addiction, drug addiction, lack of finances plus low self-esteem. These are some of the reasons that keep people in the act of prostitution even when they are not happy with themselves.

Mode Of Treatment

12 Step Programme: The 12-Step programs for accepting and committing to overcoming sex addiction was embarked upon.

CBT Technique: More and more research shows that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can have a direct impact on our health, and our physical health. can affect mental health. Your mind and body are linked. Re-inforced positive behaviour over the period of the programme helped us overcome constant drug use, depression and sex addiction.

Treatment Results

It was a long and painful journey to watch even for a therapist because it is a multi-faceted therapy. This was tasking but for someone who had little or no support system. Friend had moved ahead in life, family members were ashamed to be associated with them and this same addiction was always trailing them regardless of how much they tried. The world as we know it is sensually programmed. 

After the treatment, CS3 was then re-integrated into society by arming her with the requiite skills that would help her fend for herself.

Customer Reviews After Treatment

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“ Thank you for the belief in me and the patience to help me through.

Case Studies Detail

Clients: CS 3
Expert Receipt Case: Bridget Ayeni
Symptoms Encountered: Financial distress, drug use, risky sexual behaviour
Treatment Time: 1 year
Treatment Costs: NGO Partnership(FREE)
Resuilt: Successful Treatment
Other Details: A painful recovery process to watch but teaches a lot about human resilience


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psychotherapy counseling addiction nigeria

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