Manic Obsessive Issues Resolved

Manic Obssessive Issues Resolved


Summary Of The Case Studies

The client is a  professional whose been always obsessed with her husbands good looks pre-marriage. Her husband is an engineer whose work demands a lot of travel time. She tried to give birth after 40 to ensure that he was happy and now had a son he so desired. This was a procedure she didn’t recover from owing to the childbearing difficulties. Her sex drive and self confidence plumetted as She became increasingly stressed and hypervigilant. Though she has never caught him with another woman, she hired a P.I to follow him (even out of town).

Symptoms Encountered

People experience depression in different ways. Some people may have classic symptoms, such as sadness and despair. Others may have signs that you don’t think are depressive, such as extreme tiredness or irritability. The type and severity of symptoms vary by individual and may change over time. Consider these common symptoms of depression:

Therapies For This Case

Expert In This Case:

Obike Temple

Psychotherapist and LMFT

Expert said: There’s nothing wrong with admiring a partner but caution needs to be employed as to ensure that it does not become full blown obsession.

Mode Of Treatment

Many complementary medicines and alternative therapies are proposed to deal with depression. Some methods have been tested in scientific clinical trials, but many have not yet been tested. The following is an overview of some common therapies:

Exercise: Exercise has been shown to reduce the impact of depression. Walking three times a week for 30 to 45 minutes was associated with a reduction or improvement in depressive symptoms.

Mind-Physical Technique: More and more research shows that our thoughts, beliefs, and emotions can have a direct impact on our health, and our physical health. can affect mental health. Your mind and body are linked

Functional Foods: Over-the-counter herbs and other functional foods with omega-3 fatty acids are being studied and widely used here in Africa as well as in the United States and Europe

Treatment Results

Depression disorder can make you feel exhausted, helpless, and hopeless. Such negative thoughts and feelings can make some people feel like giving up. It is important to recognize that these negative views are part of depression and may not accurately reflect the situation. The following are guidelines that follow the recommendations of the Institute of Health.

Customer Reviews After Treatment

testimonial icon

Client 1

Financial Sector

“Temple helped guide me through my constant anxiety attacks and depression. He was not judgemental but always warmly walked me through my emotions. Above all, You feel safe with him .

Case Studies Detail

Clients: Client
Expert Receipt Case: Temple Obike
Symptoms Encountered: Feeling sad, empty, wanting to cry, desperate
Treatment Time: 3 Month
Treatment Costs: 300$
Resuilt: Successful Treatment
Other Details: Your Custom


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