Your Current Pain is an Usher. Listen to It

Have you ever made simple requests but got complicated answers? A simple prayer like “God bless my going out and my coming in” or “enlarge my territory” could trigger the most uncomfortable of circumstances that all point to the fact that something has been triggered spiritually.  Expansion.

Expansion is never a painless process. Expansion ushers in pain, it gives legal room for “you” to be tested. These tests are usually in places no one sees but sometimes visible to all.


Regardless of what you might be going through at the moment understand these truths about your pain;

1)It is an expansion process

2)It is something you can handle or at least God believes you can

3)You come out on the other side a better/aware/resilient person than you were when you went in.

Pain is a pointer. Pain is a Herald. Pain is an usher… how long you seat on it’s assigned place is solely dependent on you.

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