DISCIPLINE is Non-negotiable

Discipline in some hidden parts of our lives will become visible achievements over time if constantly practiced. Do not be led into believing that these little acts of discipline on your part do not amount to anything.

Many times we hear friends, relatives and random individuals complain about people in the corridors of power. Citing their lifestyles and deficits in a lot of other aspects but have these same people bothered to look at their own lives and how it plays out. The same guy complaining has no qualms whatsoever beating the traffic light, giving bribes, littering the floor with refuse to mention just a few.

For everyone who still holds on to their discipline despite the pitiful norm surrounding them, you are the real MVP, you are the tiny strands of fabric holding together the helm of the nation. Keep doing the good work in secret and God shall reward you one day in public view and elevate you to positions of importance.


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