Some of Your Friends Need to Go

I must admit that some amazing friends do exist. Friends who stick closer than a sibling, let you be yourself without drama or judgement. It could also be your crew, those set of people that knows everything you feel, need, think because thats exactly where they are too. This is one of the sweetest things to have and if you are in one of these “You too?” gangs, you are indeed blessed. The other three-quarters aren’t as blessed.

If you are ever going to bring out your best, you need to make one of the most important yet difficult decisions of your life. Let go of some friendships.

Picture a strong horse. This horse is healthy and eager to take on the world. It approaches every activity with action, zeal and a positive outlook. After a few days, the horse decides it wants to be of more service and requests that a carriage be attached to it. It suddenly becomes a lot more useful BUT impeded. The carriage is heavy, the coachman’s whip gently guides it to whatever direction it needs it to go.

Many of us are like the horse, you get into all sorts of social circles that you have no business being in. This creates unnecessary competitions, makes you place unrealistic demands on yourself and loved ones, leaves you always looking at what you DO NOT have etc. Friendship is a good thing but friendships that make you loose the taste of personal choices and an opportunity to be real are to be exited.

Friendship is not a task but rather a relationship that is supposed to be lifelong. Many people are caught in WhatsApp groups they don’t want to be in and cannot leave, others are in social circles they cannot afford to function in financially, others getting stalked on social media by the same people they let into their space and quite pitiably others are drowning in dues they are almost mandated to pay.

Many have gradually slipped into a depressive state because they have gradually lost hold of their choice-making side. Who put you in there? You!. Who is going to get you out? YOU!

Deciding to be yoked to friendships that cause some measure of unease always ends badly and in some cases disastrously. Take control of your life and become your true self. If you do not know how, maybe you should speak to someone who can help you achieve this. Call +2347066663071 to begin.

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