REJECTION Hurts but It’s Part of The Full Picture

God sometimes does not need us in places we force ourselves into. Let your rejection become the fuel for your next pursuit. How many times have you forced yourself into a job, relationship, accommodation or situations that you knew were far from God-ordained locations.

Lives, futures, aspirations have been flushed down the drain by people who forced themselves into positions. Rejection isn’t and shouldn’t be taken too hardly. Easier said than done right? I have been rejected many times and it took it’s toll on me but the only thing that kept me going was my willingness to see beyond the now and focus on the likely positive aspects of the situation.

As hard as it was to find a silver lining after being rejected, i started seeing a pattern. a pattern that always occured when i was going in a direction that did not altogether allign with my life’s purpose. What are you willing to see when people, systems or establishments reject you? Choose to see differently and never allow it keep you from trying.

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