NEVER let that DREAM Of Yours Die

Those dreams of yours are your mind’s way of reminding both your conscious and your sub-conscious self about the clearly laid out plans and  goals that you have set yourselff on course to achieve.

Most great inventions seemed impossible until someone achieved it. Your dream may look intimidating to you and other people around you but that does not imply it’s unattainable. Truth is that if you decided at any point in time to stop working towards that dream, someone else will do it.

From the early days of the world we know till date, dreamers have always achieved amazing things and i believe you are on your way to something big. Many could call you names or laugh at your dream but keep ticking. Keep believing and ALWAYS surround yourself with people who have dreams they are nuturing as well. Together you all will incubate and birth.

Stay focused, dream and do not relent.


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