Interview: Male Sexual Dysfunction, It’s Causes & Solution

Interview: Male Sexual Dysfunction, It's Causes & Solution by Temple Obike

Male Sexual Dysfunction, It’s Causes & Solution was the topic discussed in today’s interview. Our Lead Counsel, Temple Obike was interviewed regarding this very important topic affecting many marriages today. Male Sexual Dysfunction is a topic not many men are comfortable discussing even though it’s a significant reason for marriage break ups.

Watch the interview with Imelda Essien on the programme “Emporium Forum” which aired this episode on the following stations;

1) Silverbird TV

2) DSTV channel 252

3) GOTV channel 92 and

4) Startimes channel 109.


  Obike Temple. Interviewed.

Temple Obike is a licensed marriage and family therapist, speaker, author and psychotherapist who has counseled over one thousand, two hundred clients comprising of couples, individuals, abuse victims (substance, physical, emotional and sexual) and grief-stricken clients. With over 70,000 in-counseling minutes (1,000+ hours) accrued in practice. He runs his private psychotherapy & counseling practice out of Lagos, Nigeria and has counseling centers in Abuja and Port-Harcourt. His practice also provides options for both online and on-site services.

His private practice has positively empowered lives through his online counseling, podcasts, free advisory services and free online materials.  Readership of his articles also receive a growing number of visitors alongside subscriptions to his email newsletter at His passion for empowering and uncovering the secrets to lifelong marriages and personal development led to his new book titled “Soul Bodega” available on amazon and across other online and traditional stores.

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