Now is the appointed time and NOW is the only time you have. The next second isn’t guaranteed. So why leave for later what you can take one step towards achieving NOW?

Leaving things for later has been the bane of so many individuals. Procrastination coupled with a ! Dreams backed by intentional steps aimed at achieving already set out goals are simply your way of constantly reminding your sub-conscious of the goal at hand. One of the amazing things about dreamers is that most do it with their eyes wide open. You are aware of what’s happening around you but you are also in an almost spiritually heightened state.. This is the point where you are most aware.

Dreamers over time have changed the course of history. They said things no one believed at a time but they consistently believed in themselves, their dreams and accomplished great things regardless of who believed or NOT.

You do not need everyone to believe in that dream. All your dream needs is YOU and your co-operation. It was always impossible until it got done. DREAM ON and go do something great today.   #swampmerchant#templeobike #merrychristmas#happynewyear #anttentionmedia#brandenvoy #dreamer#wealthcity#picoftheday#quoteoftheday#destiny #keepwalking#motivation #motivationalquotes #righturn

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