Appreciate People. Your Ride Or Die Day 1’s

Just a quiet Sunday afternoon spent thinking of everyone who had ever put themselves on the line to make sure i came out better than they did. You may never have more than 2 of those people in your life. A spouse maybe, mothers and fathers usually top the list for many and i celebrate mine today. They are rare. Appreciate them. A simple call and thanks will go a long way.

When you are done with this, place a call to another family member regardless of whatever feeling you may feel towards them, or however you might have been hurt by them or hurt them. Today should count. Trust me it would be a good night, maybe the best one in a long while. Mother, father, brother, sister, uncle or aunt. Just make that million dollar call with the words “I thought of you and decided to find out how you’re doing”. #rare #unique#appreciation #thankyou #gratitude#heroes #heroeswithoutcapes #mama

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