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I am Obike Temple, the last child in a family of six really diverse siblings which happened to be my first classroom on understanding human beings and how to relate with them as my direct elder brother was 12 years older. My father who retired as a Telegraph Officer with the Nigerian Railway Corporation and my mum who worked in a newspaper publishing company both valued education. A mix that enabled me take a peek into two work-lives built around logic and spontaneity from intelligently mature parents.


I was an annoyingly playful & inquisitive child who still “somehow” did exceptionally well with school work. A fact that annoyed my teachers to no end and always made it onto my report cards. Growing up was a series of adventure-filled epochs for me endorsed non-verbally by my father. The mmiri ocha river was our fishing spot, coal camp hills our playground and i would live it all again changing nothing. Well, life handed me a communique like everyone else asking that i grow up so i did. I left Never-land (Enugu) at 17 after my secondary education and headed out to the Out-lands (Lagos). 

A lot of strange years and loads of smart hard work later, i married the only woman that reminded me of Never-land (my seatmate from Primary 1A). She gave us the joys of our lives. Four lovely kids who mean everything to us after God. 

I enjoy sailing, jungle excursions  and outdoor survivalist trips. My passions help me balance out and also see human behavior upclose when stretched to it’s limits in natural extreme environments. 


I have a BSc. in Cell Biology and Genetics, an MBA in telecommunication business, a certified Project Manager, a licensed counselor/psychotherapist and a key-note speaker passionate about human psychology, emotional intelligence and business building.

Looking back at the past 16 years of professional work experience, i cannot help but be thankful for starting out an independent life quite early. My experience has enabled me add value to a lot of business sectors. I’ve worked as a research analyst at a financial advisory firm, a brand manager with a South African FMCG company,creative director at an advertising agency, a Business Development Manager at a Mobile “VAS” company overseeing their East/West African & Middle East content operations and a consultant in the Health/Media/IT/FMCG/Telecommunication sectors where i have created various cross-sector solutions.

My belief and love for Africa leaves me open to partnerships with companies who intend to do business on a large scale and require a regional business development consultant. 

I’m a “late-blooming” writer who hopes to finish and launch his first book by December 2020.🤞

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