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Soul Bodega (The Needle-Eye)

On “Soul Bodega” (The Needle-Eye) podcast series, Temple Obike talks about alternative approaches to healing through psychotherapy, counseling and healthy living. Listen and learn to live your best life. The general idea about starting this is simply to help people understand that they are not alone in what they are going through while extending an arm of assistance.

I get asked many times “Why the name Soul Bodega” or “What is a Bodega”? I’ll answer this question here. “A bodega is a small corner store or market that sells groceries and wine”

My Parable of the Bodega:

The owner of a corner bodega would sit down and all day and watch people go into a supermarket one block away. This saddened him so much because that store was his last attempt at succeeding at something. For many years he watched the supermarket grow and expand. One day while he was outside his bodega watching people walk in and out of the supermarket, he didn’t notice an elderly man walk up to him . He wanted to buy an item which the bodega owner knew he had in his shop. He dashed into the shop quite sure he had the item. However, to his utter dismay, he could not find the item amidst the clutter in his shop and after a couple of minutes came out to inform the old man that he could not find the item. “You seemed sure you had it when i first asked” said the old man. “Yes i thought i did but couldn’t find it due to the clutter inside my bodega”. “That’s unfortunate but maybe you should re-arrange and clean out your shop”. He sadly watched the old man walk away towards the supermarket, enter it and re-emerge a few minutes later with the item.

We sometimes are like the bodega owner, watching others succeed around us. This gets us to a point of admiration or envy but doesn’t allow us to look inward and ask ourselves why we aren’t operating at our optimal level. A question that requires that we like the bodega owner re-organise every disorderly item (vice, bad habit or negative emotions) on our life’s shelf and clean out our insides without looking down at the size of our shop (gifts, talents, skills and potential).

It simply is a series aimed at getting you to look deep within yourself and see every good thing you have within you while working to change the self-limiting ones. The series are a weekly audio & print production which features on various online platforms such as ANTtention Media Africa, Opera News, BE Africa and More.

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