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Dear Client

Thank you for reaching out to us. "In light of the challenges faced in Nigeria, we've carefully reconsidered our virtual session prices at the counseling practice, ensuring that support remains accessible during these difficult times. Your well-being is our priority, and we are committed to making our services more affordable for you over the next two months." Sadly, the cost of live sessions are yet to be revised owing to effects of instability and inflation.

ABOUT US: We are Temple’s Counsel & Mind Academy (TCMA), a certified Psychotherapy and Counseling practice that offers Personal (Relationship / Guidance / Grief / Career) , Marriage, Addiction Recovery and Coaching services. Find below information about or service packageand price structure for the Lagos practice center.

OUR REACH: The live practice covers primarily Lagos, Abuja, Port-harcourt and every state in-country that has an accessible airport. Our virtual services held via google meet or zoom post-pandemic have become our main focal points as a 73% spike in request was recorded prior to an initial 46%. We attend to clients from other African countries, Africans in diaspora and beyond weekly. Our therapy/counseling/coaching services have assisted individuals, couples and staff members of companies in our EAP programme recover from;

Addictions, Affairs, Anxiety/Mood/Personality/Trauma-related Disorders, Suicide, Esteem Concerns, Grief, Anger issues and Marriage concerns.


A late cancel or no-show appointment hurts at least three people: you, your therapist, and another client who could have potentially utilized your time slot. Kindly read through our cancelation policy below.

Select your package of choice below.

Make payment into this account (and share payment slip with
Account Name: Temples Counsel & Mind Academy Ltd. | Bank: Zenith Bank Plc. | Acc. No.: 1221040154

Book Your prefered timeslotslot Via this link below ONLY AFTER MAKING PAYMENT. (We match final bookings with the clients payment receipts).

marriage | Pre-marriage | Family | Career | Grief | exit | relationship


Created for individuals, couples or groups who require a quick, intense yet effective counseling programme.

VIRTUAL Counseling A

N 35000 / 1 sess
1 Virtual Session. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 1 Sessions(60 Minutes) via Google Meet

VIRTUAL Counseling B

N 60000 / 2 sess
2 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 2 Sessions (120 Minutes) via Google Meet

virtual counseling C

N 95000 / 3 sess
3 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 3 Sessions (180 Minutes) via Google Meet
marriage | anger | depression | ptsd | suicide | teen | addiction | communication | infidelity | esteem


Created for individuals who require in-depth therapy inclusive of exercises with therapists or coaches on call.

virtual therapy A

N 140000 / 4 sess
4 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 4 Sessions (240 Minutes) via Google Meet
  • In-session Exercises
  • 4 Hours Total Time

Live therapy A

N 170000 / 3 sess
2 Live & 1 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 3 Sessions (180 Minutes)
  • In-session Exercises
  • 3 Hours Total Time


N 230000 / 4 sess
2 Live Sessions & 2 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 4 Sessions (240 Minutes) Hybrid
  • In-session Exercises
  • 4 Hours Total Time
marriage | relationship | addiction recovery | coaching | training


This hybrid package was created for individuals, couples, organizations or government agencies looking for more intensive sessions spanning across longer periods with an option to sit-in with their counselor/coach/therapist on at least two sessions from the entire lot. (requests for more sit-in sessions will attract a fee revision)

SAPPHIRE (Virtual)

N 230000 / 5 sess
5 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 5 Sessions (300 Minutes) via Google Meet
  • In-session Exercises
  • 5 Sessions


N 350000 / 4 sess
2 Live Sessions & 2 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 4 Sessions(240 Minutes) Hybrid
  • In-session Exercises
  • Client Assessment


N 600000 / 6 sess
3 Live Sessions & 3 Virtual Sessions. (Note 1 session=1Hour)
  • 6 Sessions(360 Minutes) Hybrid
  • In-session Exercises
  • Client Assessment

OUR OPERATION: We offer both Live and virtual options. Live sessions are held across Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt weekly and in Ghana and South Africa every forthnight. Client virtual sessions can be booked for any day of the week excluding weekends. Out-center” sessions created for individuals who opt for weekend sessions or may not be able to participate in regular daytime sessions begin from 6pm to 9pm on select days. (The out-center sessions are held in safe and professional venues outside our therapy centres).

For clients who may be looking at using our services at some other time, click the link below to access some of our free resources on

PLEASE NOTE: To enable us attend to other clients we only allow clients to book for a maximum of 2 sessions (120 minutes) per day

All client sessions MUST be confirmed & paid for and properly booked in 24 hours prior to session time (to enable us schedule properly).


Make payments to the relevant account below or on your attached invoice (if applicable). Session(s) will be booked post-receipt of fees.


Local Payments (Account Number)

Account Name: Temples Counsel & Mind Academy Ltd.

Bank: Zenith Bank Plc.

Acc. No.: 1221040154


After selecting a plan and making payments into the included account, available time slots will be shared via email and a session booked for you at the earliest. (Post-payments, do send us a screenshot (via whatsapp on +2347066663071) of the payment advice to enable us proceed with booking your session. This way we don’t have to wait for actual alerts to proceed).


Wishing you a productive session in advance.


Warm Regards, 

Pay Online

Easy online payment:

Payment Options

We accept the following payment methods:

  1. Interbank Transfers

 Local Payments

Account Name: Temples Counsel & Mind Academy Ltd.

Bank: Zenith Bank Plc.

Acc. No.: 1221040154

Attention: Some notes for you when booking an appointment.

Our Cancellations/No-Refund Policy

As common with most professional services, our practitioners are self-employed and therefore need to manage their diaries and travel time to destinations within Nigeria and outside efficiently. We therefore operate a strict no-cancellation/no-refund policy requiring all clients to give us a minimum of two business days’ (48 hours) notice of any cancelled session. The received session fees cannot be refunded but can be used at another time or given to someone else to use within 2 months. Session fees not utilized within 2 months will be forfeited.

Consultation Fee Exemption / Reduction Policy

TCMA has a policy of exemption and reduction of consultation fees for the following cases:

Client Confidentiality Agreement

TCMA’s client confidentiality agreement is there to ensure our client (YOU) is safe and protected in-session. Click the button below to download client confidentiality form.

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