Drug, Alcohol and Sex Addiction Treatment


We are a drug, alcohol and deviant sex behavior treatment center which does not offer in-centre client admission. All addictions  are mental conditions that compel you to engage in activities despite their harmful effects on you. Temple’s Counsel is a treatment center helping clients in Lagos, Abuja and Port-harcourt. 

My practice was set up to provide top-notch psychotherapy and counseling support for our clients and their families. I believe that every addiction has a thought process behind it and once this thought process can be identified and arrested, we can curb any addictive habit. Our addiction treatment serves as a transition-based initiative that need to check their strengths and coping abilities after discharge from our partner rehabilitation “in-patient” centers.

Drug alcohol and sex addiction psychotherapist temple obike

The State of things in Nigeria has introduced the element of stress into our everyday lives. When Stress gets introduced, various forms of addiction become avenues and release points in our lives. Addiction to drugs, work, alcohol or sex are coping mechanisms that have been developed by many Nigerians. The number of individuals struggling with drug addiction and stress-related addictions has soared. While some of them have decided to get the required help, many are living with these addictions while working, schooling, parenting or even tutoring.

At Temple’s Counsel, we know that every individual differs when it comes to resilience and mental strength so we watch out for relapse signals in our clients and then follow-up with post-counseling signals. As a a drug, alcohol and deviant sex behavior treatment center, we are always open to working with hospitals with in-patient centers.

Call us on +2348109055475 or send an email to templescounsel@gmail.com for more information on this.

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