Divorce Predictor Test

One of the saddest situations I face daily working with couples is having one partner eagerly waiting for an opportunity to ask IF THEIR MARRIAGE WAS HEADED FOR A DIVORCE considering the issues they are currently facing.  Having seen clients who were divorced but now back together and others with minor issues that ended up separating them forever, thats one question i know very well to navigate carefully. This test will help you know how far or close to divorce you and your partner currently are.


Instructions: Rank each item below — as Strongly Agree (5 points) , Agree (4 points), Neutral (3 points), Disagree (2 points), Strongly Disagree (1 point)

— telling us the extent to which at this time you agree or disagree with each statement. At the end, tally up each category and use our key to interpret your results.


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