Exit Counseling Therapy

Our exit counseling service may be for you if any of the questions below cost you your freedom.

Did youthful exuberance, the quest for wealth, belonging, fame or money lead you into a dark place? Speak to a therapist who totally understands and empathizes with your current plight  and let him guide you to personal freedom.

deprogramming service at Temple's Counsel

Our Deprogramming service has helped emancipate over Six (6) individuals ranging from ages 18 to 63, who held on to controversial beliefs and assisted them in abandoning allegiances to religious, political, economic or social groups associated with the belief system.

We have retrained these six clients who have gone ahead to live their best lives. Our deprogramming service involves healthy and willful practices that do not infringe on the freedom of our clients using pure psychotherapy.

Call us on +2348109055475 or send an email to templescounsel@gmail.com for more information on this.

Disclaimer from the Lead Counsel (Temple Obike): There are no dark practices involved in this service but just an understanding of the basic human psyche and using this to de-programme the client without introducing my personal spiritual beliefs or inclinations to the session. Clients interested in spiritual solutions are kindly advised to visit the pastor, imam or person(s) in charge of their spiritual well-being.

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