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– Ayo T Sa****

We changed our employee assistance programe provider two years ago to TCMA. This has helped us all grow because even toxicity within our work space and all the previous water cooler gossip has declined. We can’t miss the link between the entrance of this new EAP provider and these changes. Their therapists teach with skills and practical exercises that help you become better. Will recommend their virtual coaching to anybody with marital and career issues. Keep going 

– Victoria Abo*****

I was cautious at first, but Mr.Temple really knows what he’s talking about. He guided me and my husband on identifying the cause of the conflict we were having and also gave great, sound guidance on how to strengthen our marriage. He was not bias, he listened well and spoke directly to the point. I look forward to continuous meetings with him, he is a great investment.

– Linda Oke***

TCMA is a blessing to marriages. Their lead counsel has a genuine passion for helping marriages and does it with all of his heart at least I experienced it first hand. If there were more than 5 stars, I would be happy to give more because this course deserves that.

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