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Temple Obike is a Certified marriage counselor, relationship expert, Addiction psychotherapist & brand-sage. Positively building lives in Abuja, Lagos, Port-harcourt & across Africa

Are YOU going through a Lifestyle change? Do you and your partner need to reconnect? Stuck with your business? Are things moving really fast and you feel like you’ve lost control? Speak to a counselor, psychotherapist and brand-sage that truly understands.Temple can help.

Does your brand/life need to be steered in a new direction? You came to the right zone. Most of my clients are individuals, relationships or businesses that are currently in a transitional phase. Transitioning is a constant aspect of our lives.

Transitional phases could be in form of;

  • Moving to a new location

  • Re-inventing your business

  • Teenagers leaving a set of friends

  • Changing your brands perception

  • Embarking on a new career path

  • Battling the loss of a loved one or thing

  • Beginning a new relationship OR just a combination of everything happening at once.

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Whatever that big change is for you – You and I will navigate the needle-eye together. One good step after another, we will BUILD THAT BRIDGE from where you are to where your true journey BEGINS. As a counselor, psychotherapist, speaker and brand-sageTemple Obike is given to a life of value addition and has constantly demonstrated this through his work.

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