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Over 1,000 physical purchases and testimonials from reformed individuals who have used this audiobook

Session Overview

Activity 1: Reflecting on Past Experiences

Activity 2: Identifying Core Values

Activity 3: Prioritizing Values

Activity 4: Aligning Values with Career Goals

Reflection and Closing

Closing Thoughts


“Gold Again” is an audio book created after 2 years of  dedicatedly interviewing about 420 men, women, and transgenders in Nigeria and beyond who were either call girls, escorts or prostitutes.

The exit/recovery processes plus practical exercises documented in this audiobook is non-denominational, and will work for anyone regardless of faith, lack of faith, and/or sexuality. Your process for recovery is protected and very private without any affiliations to any govermental agency.  We have successfuly within the past 8 months privately assisted over 160 Prostitutes Anonymously in their recovery and re-integration journey.  

To everyone who helped make this project a success, i want to say a huge thank you to you…

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