Learn Forex Trading Basics in 4 Days: Empowerment Training

In times when things are changing you need to figure out new ways of safeguarding your future. Learn how to do this with FOREX trading.
I was asked to come onboard a partnership that seeks to empower 1,000 VIP’s this year by training them on how to use the power of Forex Trading in securing and compounding their wealth.
Find below excerpts of the e-campaign.
Forex Trading is a dangerous game where people have lost money BUT what if there was a way to sit and talk with people who have cracked the success code for trading forex. Our banks play Forex, the CBN invested $337 Million into the Forex Market last year and most of the wealthiest people you know locally and internationally Trade forex.
Did you know one tweet from Donald Trump affects the Forex Markets trade of all USD pairs? Did you also know that once this happens, his son who manages his trading portfolio puts in a trade in whatever direction (buy or sell) they already knew the news would move the market towards making millions of dollars in a day.
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Stop floating around and become intentional about success through Forex trading and reap daily benefits. Earn at least $500usd daily with just data and your smartphone. Join Us for our “VIP Forex Trading Class” in a serene, neutral and relaxed environment in Lekki with like-minds. With N150,000 naira, you can learn the basics of Forex Trading in four (4) days of intensive weekend trainings and at least start picking trades, reading the market and receiving guidance for the next 1 month. Interested? call or send a WhatsApp message with the words “Yes VIP” to +2347066663071 and i will contact you.
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